LiveStatueWorld-Class Living
Statue Performer


The LiveStatue - As seen at many fairs, festivals, conventions and various events throughout Michigan.

The LiveStatue is a performing artist who is creative and entertaining. He is perfect for festivals, trade-shows, and parties. Even at close distances it is difficult to tell whether he is real.

Children and adults are fascinated by the realism of the LiveStatue. His interactive performance always gathers a crowd and draws attention.

About us

The entertainer who is LiveStatue has been performing for over ten years throughout the state of Michigan. His Son Jasper is has been performing under the name StatueDude for 3 years. His other two sons along with his grandson have been known to perform as well.

If you would like to hire LiveStatue, StatueDude, or multiple living statues you can contact Robert at:

Phone: 616-745-1920


ArtPrize 2013

After a 9th place finish while performing with his son, Jasper at ArtPrize 2011, LiveStatue returns to Artprize.

This year his entry is titled "Moving Violation." "Moving Violation" is a depiction of a familiar small town sight of days gone by - the local police station. Robert Jay Shangle, the living statue performer, portrays a police officer directing traffic and protecting the citizens of his town. This is a tribute to his great-uncle Jay Shangle, a former Grand Rapids policeman. He entered the GRPD in 1924 and left service 1947 working as a patrolman. Inside the station are other statue officers, diligently tending to duty.

For more information about ArtPrize this year you can go here: ArtPrize 2013