About LiveStatue

LiveStatue, has heard many names describing him over the years. He has heard “Copper Dude”, “The Mackinaw Statue”, and “The ArtPrize Guy” just to name a few. Whatever you decide to call him as long as you like his performances he is happy.

LiveStatue started performing as a living statue over ten years ago after winning multiple halloween competitions. Starting out at local fairs and festivals the demand for his performances steadily grew and he eventually switched to performing full-time all over the midwest.

He has performed at ArtPrize, the world’s largest art prize competition, five different times. In 2011 he entered the competition with the piece, “Under Construction” with his son, Jasper. They earned a Top Ten finish at the Grand Rapids festival. In 2014 LiveStatue again competed at ArtPrize, this time with the piece, “Your Move” a living sculpture that looks like a 2-D painting. This entry was good enough for first place in the Time Based category.

LiveStatue has also represented the USA in the World Living Statue Championships in Arnhem, Netherlands twice, once in 2009 and also in 2015.

Having traveled all over the world learning from some of the best performers in the world LiveStatue has set himself apart from others. He is available for hire with many different costumes and characters ranging from a copper statue to a jack-in-the-box to a fortune teller booth. LiveStatue can travel around the world for your special event. Please inquire about hiring him on the Contact Page.